Anna V. Chelnokova

Анна ЧелноковаAddress: Faculty of Asian & African Studies, St.Petersburg State University, Bldg. 11,  Universitetskaya emb., St.Petersburg, 199034 Russia

Phone/fax: +7-812-3287732      


Date & place of birth: June 6, 1978; St.Petersburg, Russia.

Degree: Ph.D.


Current position: Associate Professor at the Department of Indian Philology, St.Petersburg State University.


Undergraduate & Graduate School:

2009 - Ph.D. Thesis: “«Ramayana» in modern India (based on Hindi Literature)”

2001 – M.A. Saint-Petersburg Sate University (South Asian Literary Studies)

1999 – B.A. Saint-Petersburg Sate University (Indo-Arian Philology)


Additional courses:

1997-1999 – Central Institute of Hindi, Delhi branch, India

2006 – Institute Kern, Leiden University, the Netherlands


Field within Indian Studies: Modern Indian Literature, Indo-Russian Literary Communication, Cross-Cultural Communication

Scientific visits: Department of Culture and History of India and Tibet, Hamburg University, Germany (2006, 2012), South Asia Institute, Heidelberg University, Germany (2009, 2013), Department of Indo-European Studies, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest (2010), Department of Indian Philology, University of Wroclaw, Poland (2011), Department of World Cultures, University of Helsinki, Finland (2014)

Extra-academic projects on Indian Studies: consultations on business communication in South Asia (2007-2008 – leading Russian state banks, 2012 – Leningrad Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 2014 – St.Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry)


Major publications:

Overall number – 25 (in Russian, English and Hindi), where monographs and textbooks - 4, translations – 10

  • Postmodernism in Indian Literature - Saint-Petersburg 2010, 50 pages (in Russian)

  • Salman Rushdie “Fury”, St.Petersburg 2010 (translation into Russian)

  • «Look at me!». Anthology of Indian short stories of the 2nd part of XX century. St-Petersburg 2013 – editor, Introduction, translations from Hindi - 243 pages (in Russian)

  • To the question of significance of non-verbal components in cross-cultural communication – Moscow 2014, 9 pages (in Russian)

  • Chapters “New Hindi Literature” and “Indian literature in English” in collective monograph “Essays on history of Indian Literature (X-XX cc.)” St-Petersburg 2014, 133 pages (in Russian)

Courses taught: Hindi language (grammar, literary text, spoken language, modern press, Hindi cinema), Indian Literature (special courses on various authors and periods of Hindi Literature, Hindi text analysis, Narratology, Indian Literature in English), Indian Etiquette etc.

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