Svetlana O. Tcvetkova

Цветкова Светлана ОлеговнаAddress: Faculty of Asian & African Studies, St.Petersburg State University, Universitetskaya emb. 11, St.Petersburg, 199034 Russia

Phone/fax: +7 (812) 3287732     


Date & place of birth: January 23, 1964; St.Petersburg, Russia.


Degree: Ph.D.

Current position: Head of the Department of Indian Philology,
Associate Professor, St.Petersburg State University.


Ph.D. Thesis:

2003 – «Poetic embellishment – alamkāra in the Indian “rīti” period poetics of the XVII c.»


Fields of research and academic interest: Sanskrit classical poetics, Hindi poetics of the “rīti” period, medieval Hindi poetry, modern Hindi literature, Indian medieval religion movements and philosophical trends.


Major publications:

Overall number – about 25 (in Russian and English), where monographs - 1 and manuals – 5, poetry and prose translations.

  • Kokova U.G., Krylova O.N., Tcvetkova S.O. Hindi Beginner’s Course. Part I. SPb., 2007 (Manual)103 p. (in Russian)

  • Tawastsherna S.S., Tcvetkova S.O. Sanskrit Poetics (Manual). 2008. 118 p. (in Russian)

  • Logics of the alamkāra. // History of Philosophy, N 11, Moscow, 2005, 15 p. (in Russian)

  • On the status of svabhavokti in the Sanskrit theory of poetic embellishments. // Donum Paulum. Studia Poetica and Orientalia. Moscow, 2008. 12 p. (in Russian)

  • Medieval Poetry of Northern India. Parts I,II. Saint-Petersburg: 2011. 92 + 70 pages (in Russian)

  • Technical aspects of the songs-sermons of Mīrā̃ Bāī. // Vestnik of the SPbSU, Ser. 13, N 3, 2014, 11 p. (in Russian)

  • Author and editor in collective monograph “Essays on the History of Indian Literature (X-XX cc.)” St-Petersburg, 2014, 319 p. (in Russian).

Courses taught: Hindi language (grammar, text analysis and commentary, colloquial language, modern press etc.), Hindi texts on economics and politics, Hindi scientific text, Hindi medieval poetry, Hindi modern poetry, Devotional Bhakti poetry, Indian poetics and aesthetics, The history of the Indian medieval religions and thought etc.

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