Safarali H. Shomakhmadov

Safarali H. ShomakhmadovAddress: Department of Central and South Asian Studies, Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of RAS, Dvortsovaya emb., 18, 191186 St. Petersburg Russia

Phone/fax: +7-812-3121465      


Date & place of birth: February 22, 1976; Dushanbe, Tajikskaya SSR.

Degree: Ph.D.

Current position: Senior Researcher at the Department of Central and South Asian Studies, Institute of Oriental Manuscripts.

Field within Central and South Asian Studies: Buddhist Sanskrit Manuscripts of Northern India and Central Asia

Scientific visits: International Research Institute of Advanced Buddhology (Tokyo, Japan 2012 – 2013)


Major publications:

Overall number – 29 (in Russian, English and Japan), where monographs – 1, texts’ translations – 1

  • The Concept of Royal Power (Theories of Imperial Ruling in Buddhism – St. Petersburg, 2007, 272 pages (in Russian)

  • Khotanese version of Ajitasena-vyākaraṇa-nirdeśa-nāma-mahāyama-sūtra of IOM RAS’s Collection – St. Petersburg, 2011, 15 pages (in Russian)

  • The Sacral Cosmography of South Asia in the Texts of Vaishnavist and Buddhist Tradition – St. Petersburg, 2011, 10 pages (in Russian)

  • The Features of the Interpretation of Mañgala-Symbols in Buddhist Sanskrit Manuscripts from Central Asia – St. Petersburg, 2012, 14 pages (in English)

  • The Fragments of the Diamond Sutra in the Russian Dunhuang Collection: Description, Dating, Comments – St. Petersburg, 2012 (in English)

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