Sergey L. Burmistrov

Sergey L. BurmistrovAddress: Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, Bldg. 18, Dvortsovaya embankment, St. Petersburg, 199034 Russian Federation.

Phone: +7-951-668-3340


Date and place of birth: August 3, 1976; St. Petersburg, Russia.

Degree: D. Sci.

Current position: Leading Researcher at the Section of South Asian Studies, Institute of Oriental Manuscripts.

Undergraduate and graduate school:

2010 – D. Sci. Thesis “Surendranath Dasgupta’s Conception of History of Philosophy: a Comparativist Analysis”

2002 – PhD Thesis “S. Radhakrishnan’s and S. Dasgupta’s Conceptions of History of Philosophy”

1999 – Specialist „Categories of Emptiness and Reality on the Mahayana Philosophy”

Field within Indian Studies: Buddhist Philosophy, Classical Indian Philosophy, Philosophical Comparativistics

Major publications:

Overall number – 124 (in Russian).

  • Brahman and History: Conceptions of History of Philosophy in Modern Vedānta. St. Petersburg 2007. – 187 pages.

  • Philosophy of Surendranath Dasgupta. St. Petersburg, 2010. – 255 pages.

  • Aesthetics of Neo-Vedāntism and the Principle of Dhvani. In: Journal of Russian Christian Academy of Humanities, 2011, Vol. 12 (1), pp. 16 – 22.

  • Religious Consciousness in Classical Advaita Vedānta. In: Questions of Philosophy, 2013, No. 6, pp. 98 – 107.

  • The Concept of Consciousness in Upanishads and Early Advaita Vedānta. In: Journal of Perm University, “Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology” Series, 2013, No. 2, pp. 75 – 83.

  • Āpta-vajrasūcī-upaniṣad (“The Complete Upanishad of Diamond Needle”): Preface, Transliteration, Translation from Sanskrit, Comments. In: Written Monuments of the East, 2013, No. 1 (18), pp. 65 – 78.

Courses taught: “History of Indian Culture”, “Culture and Art of India”, “Philosophy of language”.

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