Ekaterina V. Smirnova

Ekaterina V. Smirnova Address: Faculty of Asian & African Studies, St.Petersburg State University, Bldg. 11,  Universitetskaya emb., St.Petersburg, 199034 Russia

Phone/fax: +7-812-3287732      

E-mail: Ek_Smir@mail.ru

Date & place of birth: September 6, 1980; St.Petersburg, Russia.

Degree: Ph.D.


Current position: Associate Professor at the Far East History Department, St.Petersburg State University.

Undergraduate & Graduate School:

2010 - Ph.D. Thesis: «Chatrapati Shivaji. Foundation of the Maratha kingdom»

2004 – M.A. Saint-Petersburg Sate University (History of the peoples of Asia and Africa)

2002 – B.A. Saint-Petersburg Sate University (History of India)


Additional courses:

2000 - 2001 – Central Institute of Hindi, Agra, India


Field within Indian Studies: History and ethnography of India, Political and economic development of India, Indo-Russian cultural and political communications


Major publications:

Overall number – 12, where monographs - 4

  • Eurasian arc of instability and problems of regional security from East Asia to North Africa. Saint-Petersburg 2013, 576 pages (in Russian)

  • Russia and the East: the phenomenology of соььгтшсфешщт and identity in the New time. Russia and India. Saint-Petersburg 2011, 392 pages (232-244 p.) (in Russian)

  • «Look at me!». Anthology of Indian short stories of the 2nd part of XX century. St-Petersburg 2013 – editor, Introduction, translations from Hindi - 243 pages (in Russian)

  • Shivaji Bhonsle. Foundation of the Maratha kingdom. Saint-Petersburg 2010, 208 pages (in Russian)

  • St. Petersburg - India. History and modernity. St-Petersburg 209, (170-195 p.) (in Russian)

Courses taught: History of India, Ethnography of India, Geography of India, Political and economic development of India, etc.

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