Elena K. Brosalina

Елена БросалинаAddress: Faculty of Asian & African Studies, St.Petersburg State University, Bldg. 11,  Universitetskaya emb., St.Petersburg, 199034 Russia

Phone/fax: +7-812-3287732      

E-mail: kaz@mail.ru

Date & place of birth: October 24, 1931; Russia.

Degree: Ph.D.


Current position: Associate Professor at the Department of Indian Philology, St.Petersburg State University.


Undergraduate & Graduate School:

1973 - Ph.D. Thesis: «R. Tagore’s Drama»

1955 – Graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University (Indo-Arian Philology)


Additional courses:

1969-1971 – Bishvabharati University, Shantiniketan, India

Field within Indian Studies: Key problems of literary process in Bengal (Tradition and Innovation, Islamic Influence, Roots of National Romanticism, Ways and Mechanism of Naturalization of Foreign Literary Works), Indo-Russian Literary Communications

Scientific visits: Multiple visits with lections and presentations to Bishvabharati University (Shantiniketan), Jadavpur University (Kolkata), Birbhum Mahavidyalaya (Birbhum), Siliguri College (Dargeeling); 1980-2011.

Extra-academic projects on Indian Studies: consultations on translations from Russian into Bengali “Archive materials on Indo-Russian relations (XIX)”, master-classes in Russian (Kolkata, 1991-1993).

Major publications:

Overall number – 50 (in Russian, English and Bengali), where monographs - 2, textbooks - 4, more than 300 author’s sheets of translations.

Within last two decades:

  • Baul-songs in the context with Romanticism literary trend in Bengal, Moscow, 1989 – 9 pages (in Russian)

  • Bengali language. Text-book in two parts”, 2004-2006 (in Russian)

  • Salman Rushdie “Shalimar the Clown”, St. Petersburg 2008 (translation into Russian)

  • Salman Rushdie “The Enchantress of Florence”, St. Petersburg 2009 (translation into Russian)

  • On the ways of naturalization of foreign texts (Based on R. Tagore’s translations from English), St. Petersburg 2010 – 9 pages (in Russian)

  • Hayat Mamud. “Gerasim Lebedev” (in collaboration with E. Kostina and A. Sladkov), St. Petersburg 2012 – 448 pages (translation into Russian)

  • «Look at me!». Anthology of Indian short stories of the 2nd part of XX century. St. Petersburg 2013 – editor, Introduction, translations from Bengali - 243 pages (in Russian)

  • Sudhirchandra Sharkar “Pauranic Dictionary. Faces of the Gods”, St. Petersburg 2013 -550 pages (translation into Russian)

  • Chapter “Bengali Literature” in collective monograph “Essays on history of Indian Literature (X-XX cc.)” St-Petersburg 2014 - 87 pages (in Russian)

  • On approach to analysis of R. Tagore’s poetry, St-Petersburg 2014 – 9 pages (in Russian)

  • Form of addressing in R. Tagore’s poetry, Delhi 2014 – 9 pages (in Russian)

Courses taught: Bengali Language (literary texts, modern press, translation from Russian) Basic Course of Bengali Literature, special courses on Vaishnavi pada, Navajagaran, “Collol” group, R. Tagore’s poetry, Text-interpretation, Oriya language.

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